Project Overview


The programme of work is divided into 5 technical work packages (WPs). Each WP is subdivided into several tasks, as described below. WP 1 concerns itself with the underlying network architecture, while WPs 2 – 4 investigate specific techniques, which interact and depend on it; outcomes will be integrated and demonstrated in WP5.

WP1 C-RAN converged network architecture

WP2 D2I and D2D operation in virtualized mobile network

WP3 60GHz mesh networking

WP4 Mobile cloud platform and networking

WP5 Testbed and demonstrations

Given the complexity and multi-partner nature of the project, a non-technical WP (WP0 Project co-ordination) is dedicated to the co-ordination of research in the project, management of risks, monitoring and dissemination, reviewing progress against the impact plan, and organisation of the interaction with industry partners through an industrial advisory board.