Welcome to the NIRVANA 5G project

NIRVANA (iNtellIgent, heteRogeneous, VirtuAlised Networking infrAstructure) is a UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) research project, funded as part of the Towards an Intelligent Information Infrastructure (TI3) programme.

About the project

The project is led by University of Kent, who are partnering with the University of Essex in the research. JDSU (UK), EE, Techgate, Qualcomm (UK), BT and NEC are industry partners. The project started on 1 October, 2014 and lasts 36 months.

NIRVANA focusses on using intelligence based on information gathered in the fronthaul (as well as other parts) of a fifth-generation (5G) mobile network to optimise its operation, particularly to match service delivery requirements of the mobile system to what can be provided by the fibre-optic distribution, to balance in terms of spectrum, protocol and energy-efficiency the interaction of device-to-device communications and the mobile infrastructure, to examine the use of mm-wave spectrum for ultra-high-date-rates cooperatively with lower frequencies, and to investigate how mobile cloud networking can benefit the new system architecture. More information is on the Motivation and Vision page.